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A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer is pictured in this undated photo.
Associated Press
Some of the cases involve serious allegations, like an ICE agent in El Centro organizing a drug smuggling operation.
  • Ben Model has dedicated himself to creating music scores to bring silent films back to glorious life. He discusses the process to creating these scores and his passion to save these films and share them with new audiences.
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New addition to the New Children's Museum has its roots in the ancient past
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Life-changing residential treatment will soon be available for kids on Medi-Cal
Peter Seidler with Wheaties Box Playing
Padres owner Peter Seidler talks team, homeless efforts
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Bat season has begun in San Diego
Ricardo Islas, Liliana Vega, their daughter Alicia, and Ludivina Vega sit on the couch in their National City home in this undated photo. Playing
Under the same roof: Caring for an aging mother in National City
Judith Attig, 78, is shown in this photo taken May 2023. Attig was the victim of a nationwide elder fraud ring. El Cajon, Calif. Playing
San Diego case reveals nationwide elder fraud network
A line of police officers observe protesters during a demonstration in downtown San Diego, May 31, 2020. Playing
Community oversight of San Diego police grinds to a halt
From left to right: Frankie Riggs, Jill Riggs, Frank Spevacek and Kathleen Rosenow stand in front of the home they share with Jill Riggs' husband in Julian on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. Frankie's cousin Waldo Fender, on the far right, is a frequent guest. Playing
Under the same roof: They were together for COVID lockdown and never left
An aerial view of apartments in City Heights. Dec. 1, 2020. Playing
Many San Diegans live in homes with three generations or more, whether or not there’s space
The guided-missile destroyer Momsen is seen from the rear entering the San Diego Bay ship channel with the dock landing ship Harper's Ferry approaching it as it is leaving the bay. Momsen is turning hard to port to avoid colliding with the larger ship. Playing
Decision to kill popular live webcams violates First Amendment, advocates say
  • Records show that hundreds of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and contractors abused confidential databases. In other news, the San Diego Police Department has released a trove of information about the surveillance technologies it uses to investigate crimes and monitor large gatherings. Plus, U.S. Senator Alex Padilla was at the international border Monday, to discuss efforts to fix the region’s cross border sewage problem.
  • San Diego is closer to removing a freeway than you might realize.